About Sneho

‘Sneho’ is the brand name of the product and service model created by group of BRAC Business School students from BRAC University, Bangladesh. It started as a student competition to answer the challenge of 2015 HULT Prize competition. They won the local round and went to regional round at Shanghai, China with their offerings. Although the team did not win the judges vote, they have taken initiatives to share their innovative ideas with the world so that the target group is helped. The team is looking forward to receive a wildcard through online campaign and present their ideas to CGI.

‘Sneho’ as a Brand:

‘Sneho’ is a Bangla dialect which means care and ‘Affection’. It has the same meaning in other languages as well, such as 感情, प्रीत, Zuneigung, عاطفة, любовь, Affetto. Sneho will create brand value through intense marketing and awareness in the first year. With the increasing popularity and brand value, Sneho will be able to attract CSRs and sponsorships and engage the society for contributing towards ECE.

Mission of Sneho:

Sneho aims to contribute in the global society by proper implication of resources to provide Early Childhood Education to the under-privileged children of the urban slums, under the age of 6 years and make their lives prosperous by reducing the knowledge and word gap from the beginning of a child’s life.

Vision of Sneho:

Sneho visions to reform the under privileged society, change their mindset and place child education as one of the foremost needs to be fulfilled in this era. With its successful ECE model, Sneho plans to reach out to the children of Bangladesh by 2015 and later on create a lasting impact in the society by addressing 10 million children worldwide with its sustainable model.

Values of Sneho:

A commitment to sustainability and to act in an environmentally friendly way.

A commitment to doing good for the society on a global scale.

A commitment to ensure quality education and service at minimum cost.

A commitment to gain trust and loyalty of the general public.

A commitment to collaborate with other organizations to bring about positive change.

A commitment to work with compassion, sincerity and integrity.

A commitment to provide accountability and transparency.

A commitment to deliver a pragmatic model that is scalable, replicable and feasible worldwide.

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