"breaking the poverty cycle through early childhood education"

Durable Alphabet Mat

Can we provide early childhood education materials used at a good day care centers to the kids at urban slums? Yes we can! Our alphabet play mat is printed on outdoor PVC vinyl, the same material used on billboards in streets and highways. The production cost is extremely cheap and the material is highly suitable for slum dwellers. The main purpose of this mat is to have a visual impact on children from age zero so that they can adopt to the teachings at school quickly.

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Toy & Book Recycle

What do we do with toys and books as a baby grows older? The baby looses interest in old toys and parents with financial capabilities keep providing new means of fun to their kids. But the kids at slum ares misses such opportunity to play with toys and learn. We will run social campaign to collect used toys and books and recycle it for the kids in slums. Campaigns will run at shopping malls, schools and during public events to. At the heart of this process, it is going to raise awareness. We call this process 'Box of Sneho' i.e. 'Box of Affection'!

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Play & Learn

University students are great source of social entrepreneurship. All universities have clubs and events; our concept it to bring kids from slum in the age group of 4-6 years to the university sporting events. This exposure to the fun life of educated young people from the society will influence the minds of underprivileged kids to stick with their study and break the cycle of poverty through education.

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